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Our Services

Our services cover retail business, cash & carry, restaurants, hotels, takeaways, pharmacy, general stores, mobile shops, and almost every business can have our POS services. The salient features of our POS system are:

Some Key Features

Inventory Management

With KPOS inventory management, you can keep track of your products from purchase, return, damage, sale, amount left and a lot more.

Sales and Accounting

We simplify sales and enhance customer-experience to add value to your business, managing accounts and daily in and out is not a headache anymore.

Register Management

With separate accounts for each cashier, the cash flow can be managed easily, and payments can be tracked down.

CRM and loyalty Programs

Our Customer Relationship Management interface helps input customer history and alert discount offers and special deals to the customers who are loyal and regular to your business.

Easy Setup

KPOS is built with you and your customers in mind. So, to bring ease, the interface is simple and easy to manage. Adding on, we offer free support to help you install and bring it up and running without any additional charges

Data Reports and Metrics

Our point-of-sale system keeps insight of the data and processes taking place to avoid any mishap, provide daily and weekly reports on cash in and out, employee login and performance, metrics on business current situation and where you need improvements

Our Clients